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Sponsorship Opportunities

Belconnen Netball Association seeks sponsorship to support our mission of shaping players into not only skilled netballers but also exemplary community members.

Our Values

  • High Standards: We uphold respectful behavior and competitiveness.

  • Community Focus: We aim to foster good citizenship among our players.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Event Sponsorship: Opportunities to sponsor various events.

  • Team Sponsorship: Support teams directly.

  • Development Programs: Contribute to the ongoing training of coaches, players, and umpires.

Why Sponsor Us?
Our association has achieved much through hard work and dedication, but maintaining and improving our status requires continued support. We are poised for success in 2024, both on and off the court, through our comprehensive development programs. Effective sponsorship is essential to this success.

Partner with Us
Business partners play a crucial role in our success, not only through financial support but also by sharing their skills and knowledge with our members and players. We recognize the importance of reciprocating this support and have developed initiatives to promote your business and products to our community.

Tailored Sponsorship Packages
All sponsorship packages are tax-deductible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Join us in our journey to nurture talent and build a stronger community.

For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact us.


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