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Netball stands as the premier women's participation team sport and holds the title of the leading team-based sport in Australia for individuals aged 15 to 24. With over 1.2 million enthusiasts nationwide, it's a beloved pastime that has captivated players and fans alike. Australia's dominance on the international stage since 1963 speaks volumes about the sport's enduring popularity and success.

At the Belconnen Netball Association, we are committed to providing diverse competitions tailored to cater to all age groups.


Explore our offerings below for more information:

Woolworths NetSetGO

Woolworths NetSetGO is Australia’s official starter program for girls and boys aged 5 to 10. It’s a chance to learn the netball basics, get outside and make some friends. For a lot of kids, this is the first time they’ll pick up a netball or chuck on a bib. It’s a learning experience.

North Canberra Netball Competition

In the North Canberra area, you can join the NCNC Saturday competition by becoming a member of a club or participating school. Teams are formed exclusively through these channels. Once you're a member, you can be nominated to compete in various levels of the competition, spanning from SET/GO Tiers to Seniors.

Want to play Representative Netball?

Junior Representative

Senior Representative

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